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Horse Character Sheet by OpalCrazy Horse Character Sheet by OpalCrazy
Now that she's an "official character", she needs an official character sheet, amiright? 
So here's the just:

This is Horse Strong: A 21 year old dwarven gal with vitiligo who was and is still one of Bea's best friends (Bea and Dane belong to :iconlooji: and they all live in her world, Gelea). She stands about 4' tall give or take an inch. 

Hailing from a land unknown, but having lived in Viferon since she was 15, Horse  was an oddity even there; not only as a dwarf, but also for her skin condition. As a child Horse was bullied a lot, which led to her meeting and befriending Bea. 

Bea, being the kind soul she is, saw the other kids picking on the new girl in town. And, with her magic, tried to help (Knowing what it was like to be the new kid in town). Of course, it didn't go as well as planned, and ended up turning Horse's (originally dark brown) hair pink for a week, but the effort was appreciated and from that moment on they became fast friends. (Horse decided that she liked the pink, but she darkened the shade to a dark cherry color with raspberry hints) 

They stayed together throughout their wilder years, and Horse has quite a few outrageous stories about Bea, but never tells anything outright. (Thought if you ask about her scars you might get a tale or two). Around the time that Bea became a nun Horse got a job as a traveling merchant, and now travels all throughout the world. She's learned to use her unique appearance to her advantage and uses it to grab attention and keep people interested. She's got a sharp tongue and a quick mind, which she uses to her advantage in her marketing, wheedling, and dealing. She also tinkers a lot, which results in lots of interesting stories. (Mostly about different things blowing up in her face)

Though they're often separated by long distances, Bea and Horse still keep in touch using a telepost (that Horse was able to get for a very, very good price). Horse gave it to Bea as a parting gift. Being the curious mind she is, Horse is constantly trying to send new things through the telepost, with varied results. So far she has succeeded with leaves, feathers, and light cloth. Pebbles do not work, though she's still trying. 

Whenever she's in town Horse will stop by Bea's. Often she ends up dragging Bea into her crazy shenanigans, but it's always a good time. 

Fast Facts:
-Horse's vitiligo spreads randomly. It started out on her knuckles, and has been spreading since, but sometimes the patches will move. She doesn't really care though.
-Horse is surprisingly strong. She can lift 3 times her weight with relative ease. 
-Horse is actually afraid of horses, and a very poor rider. 
-She has a very delicate touch, which she uses to her advantage in making things. However, she often gets distracted and knocks things over, hence her not going into the medical field. 
- Horse is a graceful klutz, and believes strongly in the phrase 'fake it till you make it'. If she falls she'll make it look like she intended to do it. 
-She also believes strongly in the use of the cheesiest pickup lines possible (none of which have worked out)
- She loves birds, especially birds of prey like falcons and hawks (she really wants to learn how to be a falconer, like, super bad) 
- Horse is a horrible singer, though a decent whistler.
- Horse can is fluent in 3 languages but can communicate in 5 if need be. 
-One of Horse's biggest fears is rejection (of any form). She's terrified that she'll never be good enough and is constantly trying to prove herself to others. This is often how she ends up on crazy adventures with Bea, trying to prove to the world that she is worthy. 
- She's heterosexual, but not seeing anyone at the moment (though maybe in the future?) She doesn't really care what race they are, but she'd like for them to have a similar life span (She's looking for a lifelong partner, not a decade long friendship) 
-Horse doesn't like to swear
-Her given name is Harriet Elise Starkstein, but she goes by Horse Strong because most people can't remember her real name. 
-She DOES NOT like Dane. One bit. Nope. (here's her telling Dane exactly what she thinks of him… )
- Horse is adequate with using a staff to defend herself
- She carries a pouch of odds and ends to tinker with when traveling
- She gets violently seasick whenever she's on a boat

Likes: Her friends, good music, talking to people, getting good deals, tinkering, inventing, dogs, birds, traveling, good food, a warm bed, good company

Dislikes: DANE!!!!, magic being used on her against her will (there's a story behind that one), bullies, morning people, skipping meals, having things explode in her face, traveling by ship
CaribbeanRose9 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I like her, especially how she dresses. Awesome job on her. :clap:
OpalCrazy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I had so much fun designing her! :D
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