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Peaches 'n Biscuits
My grandma died again last week
Memory of mother never known
She was a Mamma of the highest quality
Or so I’ve been told as I’ve grown
I look like a living likeness-
Mirror of a mom never met.
She was the best of mothers,
The best mother they could ever get
Pickling peaches and baking biscuits
Southern sweetness, baked in beauty
No longer here in person-
But living still in memory
Crochet blankets cover children
She never got to know,
So still she watches o’er
Her grandbabies as they grow
My grandma died again last week
But her legacy lives on:
The photos of my father
The biscuits made at dawn
My grandma died again last week
And this is what I know,
For as long as we are living, then,
So still her love shall show
:iconopalcrazy:OpalCrazy 0 0
Time is something few can afford.
For those lucky few
they steal moments here and there-
Bits and pieces-
Scraps and seconds
To find their inner selves
You offer time,
Not just time- but time now;
Languid moments of placidity
Where nothing and no one will wander in-
Simple sounding, yes,
But not worth it
In the end
You take more than you give-
Those stolen moments are just
Sliced second snippets
And there’s a tax on time
more than most can afford
For time borrowed gains more
interest than it gives
:iconopalcrazy:OpalCrazy 0 0
Memories of Spring
These dead trees are alive with light and song and life
Quiet, and you’ll hear them
They whisper softly their secrets
To those who stop to listen
We once were what was
We were once what was
Remember us-
Our stories still linger
A broken plank
Nestled in between branches
Grown into green
Moss and lichen made it their home
Where once a child looked out
Upon a sea of dreams
Memories made it theirs;
They are made of memories-
Of more than memories,
Oh -
These dead trees are alive-
Sit silent and soon,
Whispered words will wind their way
Into your heart once more
:iconopalcrazy:OpalCrazy 0 0
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So, as most of you know my wonderful disnerd friend and I like to go and catch the newest Disney/ Pixar movies opening weekend. This weekend, we got to go and see the 2017 live action reboot of Beauty and the Beast. As always, in this article I'll give you the good, the bad, and the things that I found needed some work. 

    As always, the good first: Disney did an amazing job with their special effects. It was a delight to watch all of the characters come to life in this film, and each scene looked as though taken from the pages of a story book. 100% A+ to them for that. They also did a good job casting specific parts, Josh Gad was a delight to watch as a witty LeFou, Emma Watson shone as a strong headed but kind hearted Belle, and the castle staff were perfect! Maurice was a wonderful, complex character, and it was a thrill to see them all. A+ to everyone. This version was also more complete, offering a reason for the Beast's spoiled attitude, and the absence of Belle's mother. These were the things that made the movie shine. 

    Now for the things that could be improved on. Luke Evans was spot on for Gaston's face, but not so much the build. I understand that not everyone can have a body like Gaston, but still. And I'm not saying Mr. Evans had a bad figure, but Gaston is known for having a build more like the Rock, and Mr. Evans did not have that build. And speaking of Gaston- In this version he was very gummed down. It was almost as though the roles in the original Beauty and the Beast had been switched. Instead of having a semi-intelligent but ignorant main villain and a dumb sidekick, it was a not very intelligent and incredibly ignorant main antoganist with a much more intelligent sidekick, who was for the majority of the movie keeping the main antagonist from getting into trouble. It wasn't bad, but definitely different. But back to casting. Dan Stevens was a great voice choice for the Beast, and he looks awesome in his other films. HOWEVER, the way he appeared on camera for this film was not flattering at all. Which is a shame, because he is a very nice man to look at. 
     Now, here are some technical and writing things that could have been improved on. For me personally, the movie was not as cohesive as it could have been. There were some parts that didn't flow very well.But that's not the main issue. For most things I've been told that you need to have a strong start and a strong finish. While this movie had a decent finish, the start was lacking. The movie begins with narration, which is fine in and of itself. However, the acting that went with the narration seemed awkward. I feel it would have been much stronger to have the narration and the actors speaking in between. This would have created a deeper experience, and held my personal attention much better. Or, instead of starting in the middle of the story, they could have started off at the very beginning, starting by narrating the childhood of both Belle and the Beast, instead of sticking it awkwardly in the middle where it never really sits well. 
And now for the controversy- the gay Lefou. Both my friend and I had a hard time picking out which moment, exactly, was Lefou's "gay moment". There were several moments where we both wondered, "maybe they meant this?" but nothing that screamed gay loud and clear. There was one moment at the end of the movie that was, we thought, the most concrete thing that could be taken as "gay", but it was still something that wasn't super out there. Others may disagree, but it is up for each person to decide. 

So, for the grand rating I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Great special effects, on the whole excellent casting, but a less cohesive story and the inclusion of a controversial moment that couldn't quite be picked out. If you're looking to see a movie for special effects, this is it, see it in theaters-however, cohesive story wise the original holds out strong and clear, and you may wanna just call it a night in with popcorn and redbox. 


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Hi! I'm OpalCrazy, and welcome to my page! Please don't be afraid to comment on my art, or favorite it, or even watch me! I promise I don't bite!

Just a few things about myself and my art:

-I own 2 cats, both of which are weird and crazy
-My favorite gemstone is the Opal (you might say I'm crazy about them) ;)
-I like to listen to music/watch nature documentaries when I'm drawing
-One of my eyes naturally sees things far away, the other sees things close up (this means that while my depth perception is a little off, I don't typically have to wear my glasses to see)
-In my art I use Copic markers, Sakura Microns, Copic Liners, Pilot Color Eno mechanical pencils, and a regular mechanical pencil most frequently in my traditional art, and I use my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and Paint Tool SAI with my digital stuff
-Every now and then I'll wear my glasses
-Tamora Pierce is my favorite author
-I hate my birthstone (Topaz), but love my horoscope (Scorpio)
-There are only 2 things that are constantly organized in my life: 1) My bookshelf 2) My art supplies
-My native language is English, and I can speak a little bit of German
-Besides art, I also enjoy reading and writing, chillin' with my friends at the local ice rink, and really, really bad puns. ;)
-I'm a total sucker for any song using the accordion, harmonica, or violin.
- My favorite flowers are poppies, peonies, and passion flowers. :) They're all so pretty!



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